Cornerstone releases two new ads: ’90 Days’ and ‘He’s Changed’

Cornerstone unveiled its two new ads exposing Gov. John Lynch’s poor record of leadership. It’s first ad, ‘He’s Changed,’ produced in cooperation with the National Organization for Marriage, highlights Governor Lynch’s record of saying one thing, but doing another, specifically in the areas of: raising business taxes, increasing spending, allowing early parole for violent and sexual offenders, and signing gay marriage into law.

The second ad, ’90 Days’, features both Carroll County Sheriff, Chris Conley, and the parents of a victim effected by the new “SB500 law,” Michael and Jacci Gilmore. The Gilmore’s story was first brought to light in a story by the Conway Daily Sun (CDS, 10/1/10) in which it was revealed that their 18-year old daughter was stalked and her 16-year old friend was assaulted by a sexual predator who was convicted three times before. For violating his parole, the Gilmore’s were initially informed that the predator, 31-year old Michael Seibel, would be headed back to prison for five years, but then were subsequently informed that under the new early release law, he could only get 90 days maximum in jail.

Said Cornerstone Executive Director Kevin Smith, “Governor Lynch has an abysmal record of saying one thing, but doing another. The icing on the cake though was John Lynch earlier this year selling the legislature and the public a bill of goods by insisting that violent criminals and sexual predators would not be released early as part of his new early parole law. Of all the things to mislead the public on, this one has to be the most despicable. Why won’t the Governor just admit that this bill is letting out sexual offenders early when it has been so well documented now? The Governor owes us all, but most importantly, the victims a big apology for not telling the truth and compromising public safety because of it.”

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