Cornerstone Calls Foul on Gay ‘Marriage’ Backers, NH Republicans for Freedom & Equality

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Cornerstone Action filed a complaint this afternoon with the Attorney General’s Office because a group supporting candidates who voted against the repeal of gay “marriage” is illegally using money it received in a $100,000 lump sum from a donor from New York.

The donor, Paul Singer of Elliot Management Corp., 40 West 57th St., 30th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10019, gave an illegal $100,000 donation to New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality during the campaign finance reporting period ending Sept. 5, 2012. Any donation above $5,000 is illegal in New Hampshire under RSA 664:4.

“Cornerstone works very hard to follow the law to the letter to support the traditional, natural family in New Hampshire and our PAC is quite limited by the law in what it can do to support candidates who will defend traditional marriage,” said Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone’s acting executive director. “It’s astounding to me how brazenly our political opponents have violated the law, and I trust that the Attorney General will take immediate action to make sure the New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality return the money to Mr. Singer and stop violating New Hampshire law. This violation cannot be allowed to stand, as it puts candidates who our PAC supports at a distinct, and unfair disadvantage.”

There is no doubt that the New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality have already begun to spend the money Mr. Singer donated to the group. The same campaign receipts and expenditures disclosure form that lists Mr. Singer’s donation also lists a $94,045.50 expenditure for “direct mail, design, production, print and postage” paid to Direct Response LLC of 2340 E. Beardsley Road, Suite 100, Phoenix, Ariz. 85024. Earlier this week, postcards supporting candidates who oppose traditional marriage and voted against the gay “marriage” repeal, HB 437, were reportedly showing up in New Hampshire primary voters’ mailboxes statewide.

Additionally, the group brags about its mission on its own Web site,, by saying: “New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality PAC supports Republican officeholders and candidates who defend freedom and equality for all, thereby promoting the ideal that gay and lesbian citizens should have the exact same rights and protections under the law as every other citizen in New Hampshire.”

“I received a postcard from NHRFE in my mailbox this week supporting pro gay “marriage” candidates, and it didn’t say anything about marriage on it; instead, it focused on how the named Republicans allegedly support free markets, economic growth and jobs, which I found deceptive,” McGinley said. “When I looked up more information about the NHRFE and what they really represent, and then I found them in such violation of New Hampshire’s campaign finance law, I knew that I had to take action to make sure the public knows about how gay ‘marriage’ proponents are attempting to save their misguided law at all costs.

“Cornerstone plays by the rules to promote traditional marriage, and NHRFE should play by the rules, too, when it attempts to advance its cause,” McGinley added. “Because, the group was in such gross violation of the law this election cycle, I hope voters take special notice of the candidates NHRFE is supporting and consider supporting alternative candidates, such as those who have signed Cornerstone’s Families First Pledge.”

Cornerstone has been working very hard this primary election cycle to legally alert voters about those candidates whom, upon election, will advance citizens’ rights of conscience and religion, protect innocent human life, defend the natural family and traditional marriage, restore the natural rights of parents to raise, educate and care for their own children, and enact free market economic policies to ensure prosperity in New Hampshire. In doing so, Cornerstone has released its Families First Pledge to identify candidates who will live up to these principles, its 2011-2012 Legislative Scorecard to identify which incumbents have already lived up to these principles and its 2012 Families First Voter Guide to help voters find the candidates who support families all across New Hampshire.

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