Cornerstone Applauds the Senate’s Abhorrence of the Gruesome Practice of Partial-Birth Abortion and Embrace of Transparency


Contact: Ellen Kolb, VP Government Affairs, Cornerstone Action, 603-321-2703

The passage of a ban on partial-birth abortion opens a new chapter in advancing the life issues in New Hampshire. Despite Senator Kelly’s claim that the abortion-related debate was “resolved a long time ago”, thousands of New Hampshire residents know better. HB 1679 keeps intact a woman’s right to choose whether to continue or abort a pregnancy. It simply says that New Hampshire refuses to put out the welcome mat for practitioners of a gruesome procedure akin to infanticide. We hope Governor Lynch will let this bill become law.

New Hampshire moved one step closer to collecting abortion statistics through today’s Senate passage of HB 1680. We note that this was a voice vote; no senator was willing to go on record against it. This is a common-sense bill and it is long overdue. Governor Lynch should have no trouble with this one.


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