Continue the Fight for the Rights of the Preborn!

While this week saw a precious victory for life with the Executive Council’s vote to deny approval for funding for abortion clinics in New Hampshire, the attacks against the preborn are only intensifying. The pro-abortion lobby continues its campaign of fear-mongering and misinformation, successfully swaying public opinion and influencing legislators to repeal the Fetal Life Protection Act. 

Unfortunately, some legislators, including the Governor, are weakening under the constant pressure, and are publicly wavering in their support for the 24 week abortion ban. We cannot abandon our hard-won victory and turn our backs on the preborn! Please contact your GOP representatives and Governor Sununu and ask them to stand strong and defend the Fetal Life Protection Act and the infants it protects.

Thank Your GOP Councilor!

This past Wednesday, all four GOP members of the Executive Council united in voting down contracts which would have directly funded abortion clinics in New Hampshire, including Planned Parenthood, upholding the state’s legal prohibition on providing family planning money to fund abortions. Because of their courageous decision, they are facing significant backlash from the well-funded abortion lobby. Please take a moment to reach out to these four Executive Councilors and thank them for respecting life and upholding the conscience rights of Granite Staters. 

Joseph Kenney (District 1):

Janet Stevens (District 2):

Ted Gatsas (District 4):

Dave Wheeler (District 5):

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