Chairman McGinley’s Remarks at ‘Conservative Women Leaders Speak Out’ Press Conference

Cornerstone Chairman Shannon McGinley Debunks 'War on Women' in front of Values Bus in Concord

Good Morning! I’m Shannon McGinley – Chairman of Cornerstone Policy Research and Cornerstone Action – fighting to protect the sanctity of life, marriage, liberty, religious freedom and economic prosperity so that families can thrive in New Hampshire.

The Obama Administration and I have a fundamental disagreement on the definition of “The War on Women.”

  • Support for abortion on demand and under every circumstance is the true War on Women. A woman who has an abortion does so because she feels she has no OTHER choice. Women’s rights activist, Frederica Matthews-Greene once said, “”No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.” We can do BETTER than abortion!
  • The brutal practice of targeting baby girls through sex-selective abortion is happening across the world, but the United States is one of the few industrialized democracies where it is still legal to abort a baby girl just because of her gender. THAT is a war on women.
  • Women and children are in poverty more now than ever thanks to the policies of this Food Stamp President. The President and his party don’t want what is best for women—their policies have been shown to make more and more women unmarried, unhappy, and dependent on the government. Their policies have undermined families and the very institution of marriage, and this destruction of the family has led to an enormous widening of the income gap with two parent families on one side, and single mothers and children on the other. That is a war on women!
  • Women’s decisions are not respected fully by this administration or its ideological cohorts. Mothers who choose to make their children their priority and who choose to be their primary caregiver are put down, berated, and meant to feel insignificant. That is a war on women!

Firm opposition has been made this morning against Obama-Care and it’s “HHS Mandate.” I’d like to add to that:

  • Religiously-affiliated health care facilities make up the largest health care network in the nation. If they are fined and their owners prosecuted, they may have to cut back services or even close down. The first people to suffer from this will be women and children in poverty, who rely on charitable care. THAT is a war on women!
  • The health care law classifies the impairment of a woman’s fertility to be “preventive” care – like a disease that needs to be fixed – with no co-pay required. As a woman, I know that is bad science and bad medicine. This administration is demonstrating a bizarre willingness to put free birth control ahead of the First Amendment. I reject this nonsense. This administration wants me to depend on the federal government to control my fertility and define my religion. I have a better idea: I want to depend on the federal government to abide by the Constitution.

The power to make policy is obviously in the hands of the wrong people now. Cornerstone is going to help change that. November is coming.

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