Chairman McGinley Will Explain Obama’s ‘War on Women’

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July 16, 2012

Conservative Women Leaders Will Speak Out Tomorrow to Expose Irony of Liberal Rhetoric

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Cornerstone Action Chairman Shannon McGinley will help set the record straight and explain the irony of the Liberally-spun “War on Women” tomorrow on the State House steps as part of a Values Bus tour press conference event that will also feature leaders from The Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council.

“The Obama Administration and I have a fundamental disagreement on what it means to be at war with women,” said Shannon McGinley, chairman of Cornerstone Action. “Government should be doing everything it can to encourage family unity, which creates a financially stable environment in which women can thrive. On the contrary, the policies of President Obama and his party have forced many unmarried or divorced women into government dependency, which perpetuates poverty for single women and their children.”

Tomorrow’s event, “Conservative Women Leaders Speak Out,” will feature seven women from some of the state and nation’s most principled conservative organizations from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the State House steps in Concord. The Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council are facilitating the event as part of their nationwide Values Bus tour that will reach every corner of the United States from now until the Nov. 6 elections. A tour schedule is available

The Heritage Foundation is using its Values Bus tour to educate voters about “Saving the American Dream,” its platform for reforming health care and restoring fiscal responsibility at our nation’s capital. Family Research Council is registering people to vote and teaching others how to ensure the most conservative voters make it to the polls this November.

Cornerstone Action will use the opportunity to explain how President Obama’s health care reform law has left women with fewer choices and, in some cases, actually forces women to make choices they morally object to. Specifically, the law requires health insurance policies to include coverage for birth control. While some religious institutions are exempt under the law, those institutions, including some of New Hampshire’s best hospitals and universities that serve women of other faiths, will be compelled to offer such coverage to their employees.

“Religiously-affiliated health care facilities make up the largest health care network in the nation,” McGinley said. “If our religious hospitals are fined and their owners prosecuted for simply following their religious beliefs and not offering birth control coverage to their employees, they may have to cut back their services or even close down to stay true to their faith. The first people to suffer from this will be women and children in poverty, who rely on charitable care. This attack on religious freedom is also a war on women. We know it, and we’re fighting back.”

Additionally, Cornerstone Action will expose how President Obama’s new health care reform law refers to the biological impairment of women’s natural fertility as “preventative care.”

“Fertility is not a disease that needs to be fixed, and as a woman, I know it is bad science and bad medicine to suggest otherwise,” McGinley said. “This administration wants me to depend on the federal government to control my fertility and define my religion. I have a better idea: I want to depend on the federal government to abide by the Constitution.

“Ultimately, support for abortion on demand is the true ‘War on Women’,” McGinley added. “A woman who has an abortion does so because she feels she has no other choice, but there are several choices available that can help preserve a woman’s dignity and preserve the life of her child.”


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