Access To Your Conscience – and Your Wallet

Abortion advocates this coming election season will be talking about abortion access. What they’re really after is access to your conscience and your wallet. The time to slap down that idea is now. 

Fresh off a legislative session that saw defeat for things like abortion statistics and conscience rights for medical professionals, New Hampshire’s abortion advocates are gearing up to promote the election of abortion-friendly candidates. The magic word they’re counting on is access. Access to abortion, that is; abortion without “barriers.”

What kind of barriers? The ones that prevent public funding of abortion.

The abortion lobby knows that the current Governor and his challengers in the other party are all happy to call themselves pro-choice. They know that New Hampshire state representatives in both parties banded together this year to defeat even abortion statistics and conscience rights for medical professionals. The time is right, they think, to reach for what has been politically unattainable so far in New Hampshire: public funding for abortion.

Already, abortion providers enjoy receiving your money for non-abortion services. With the collusion of the Executive Council, abortion providers are awarded state contracts for “family planning” – despite the fact that sending ANY tax dollars to abortion providers frees up their other resources for abortion work: abortion drugs, abortion surgery, abortion lobbying (pink t-shirts, anyone?), paying the abortion team, providing the facilities and instruments for the taking of human life.

So what’s a little more? Why not accept that public money is already coming their way, and just open the treasury a little wider?

Because abortion is the direct, intentional taking of human life, that’s why. No court decision or Executive Council vote has ever or will ever change that.

Remember that this legislative term just ended featured a Republican majority, so don’t be conned into thinking that voting for Republicans is going to protect anyone when the term “abortion access” comes up.

Here’s what every candidate needs to hear, again and again, from now through Election Day and then throughout the next legislative term. Voters need to say these things to candidates face-to-face, and share the message with neighbors in every forum possible.

  • Abortion is not health care. Anyone who refuses to recognize that fact is unfit for public office, however appealing she or he may be in other respects.
  • Public funding of abortion is an attack on the conscience rights of pro-life taxpayers.
  • A candidate who wants a vote from a pro-life Granite Stater will unequivocally reject public funding of abortion in the name of “access.”

Abortion providers don’t want to back down
Neither will we.

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