“A Plea to Brittany Maynard” – from Family Institute of Connecticut Blog

Cornerstone is pleased to share this important post by Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut. Connecticut was one of three New England states, along with New Hampshire and Massachusetts, to reject assisted suicide legislation this year. Peter was in the thick of that effort. 

Brittany Maynard is the young woman with glioblastoma who’s video announcing her decision to take her life on November 1st has gone viral, becoming a cause célèbre for advocates for the legalization of assisted suicide. More recently, Brittany says she may not end her life on Nov. 1st.

Working with an ideologically diverse coalition, Family Institute of Connecticut and our allies have defeated the assisted suicide bill at our state Capitol for the last two years and we expect to fight it again in 2015. Brittany Maynard is, as she says, “a strong woman,” but laws against assisted suicide exist to protect the weak and vulnerable among us. That is why we have to maintain them.

FIC has been in contact with Maggie Karner, a Connecticut woman who also has glioblastoma, since her response to Brittany also went viral. In this FIC video, Maggie reads an open letter she has written to Brittany, pleading with her never to take her life. Please watch the video and please share the video with everyone you can.


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