2016-2017 Families First Legislative Agenda

Preserve the right of conscience for all citizens, including the freedom to practice the tenets of their faith.

  • Defend the right of each individual, including business owners and health care providers, not to fund or facilitate in any way procedures to which the individual has religious or conscientious objection.
  • Protect the right of business owners and employees not to be compelled to participate to any extent in ceremonies that violate the owner’s or employee’s religious beliefs.

Protect innocent human life from conception to natural death.

  • Require facilities where abortions are performed to report abortion statistics, in a manner that protects the privacy of women who have undergone abortion. New Hampshire needs to join the more than 40 other states that currently report this important public health data to the federal Centers for Disease Control.
  • Pass a fetal homicide law, putting New Hampshire in line with 38 other states.
  • Pass meaningful informed consent legislation, including (at a minimum) provisions requiring abortion providers to provide a woman considering the procedure with medically accurate information about fetal development, the abortion method to be used, risks of having an abortion, and alternatives to abortion.
  • Require abortion facilities to meet the same safety standards as ambulatory surgical care facilities.
  • Oppose assisted suicide and euthanasia.
  • Work to establish, defend and expand measures that protect taxpayers from funding abortion and assisted suicide.

Defend the natural family and traditional marriage, the foundational building blocks of society.

Defend the natural right of parents to determine the best way to educate, raise and care for their children.

Promote economic policies that empower New Hampshire families to achieve their highest potential, including keeping New Hampshire casino-free.