Detransitioner Katie Lennon Shares Her Story

This week, Katie Lennon shared her courageous story of embracing authentic womanhood after having lived a transgender lifestyle for seven years. You can view the recording here.

While every moment of the 81-minute video, including a short talk and a Q and A session, is worthwhile, we urge you to at least listen to Katie’s central message in the first 30 minutes of the video. We also encourage you to share the video with those who may benefit from hearing Katie’s message of bravery and hope.

We thank Rev. Allen Cook & Lucie Cook and the people of Grace Ministries International for generously hosting our event. We encourage you to stay connected to Katie and her journey by following her on twitter.

Are you or someone you love facing issues similar to what Katie discussed? For more resources on gender dysphoria, transgenderism, same-sex attraction and other issues, please see Cornerstone‘s Resources by category page.

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