Primary Election Endorsement Results

The results of yesterday’s primary election are in! Keep reading to see how our endorsed candidates fared. Whether successful or not, we sincerely thank all candidates for their sacrifice in running.

As a reminder, Three Executive Council candidates, three NH Senate candidates, and fifty candidates for the NH House of Representatives who have primary challenges earned Cornerstone’s primary endorsement.

Of 56 endorsements, we are proud to announce 44 candidates for faith, family and freedom WON: an 80% victory!

Cornerstone 2020 Primary Endorsement RESULTS


NH Executive Council:

District 1: Joe Kenney

District 5: Dave Wheeler

NH State Senate:

District 2: Bob Giuda (incumbent)
District 24: Lou Gargiulo

NH House of Representatives:

Belknap 2 (Gilford, Meredith):
Jonathan Mackie (incumbent)

Grafton 15 (Bath, Benton, Easton, Landaff, Orford, Piermont, Warren, Haverhill):
David Binford 

Hillsborough 6 (Goffstown):
Barbara Griffin (incumbent)
Mike Gunski (incumbent)
Fred Plett (incumbent)

Hillsborough 7 (Bedford):
Niki Kelsey
Steve Kenda
David Danielson (incumbent)
Ted Gorski
Linda Gould (incumbent)

Hillsborough 21 (Merrimack):
Jeanine Notter (incumbent)
Lindsay Tausch
Richard Hinch (incumbent)
Maureen Mooney

Hillsborough 22 (Amherst):
Pam Coughlin

Hillsborough 26 (Brookline, Mason):
Diane Pauer

Hillsborough 27 (Hollis):
David Werner
Susan Homola

Hillsborough 30 (Nashua, Ward 3):
David Schoneman

Hillsborough 36 (Nashua, Ward 9):
Bill Ohm
Tyler Gouveia
William O’Brien

Hillsborough 37 (Hudson, Pelham):
Bob Greene (incumbent)
Andrew Renzullo (incumbent)
Kimberly Rice (incumbent)
Jordan Ulery (incumbent)

Merrimack 2 (Franklin, Wards 1 and 2, Hill):
Dave Testerman (incumbent)

Rockingham 4 (Auburn, Chester, Sandown):

Tony Piemonte (incumbent)
Chris True (incumbent)

Rockingham 5 (Londonderry):
Doug Thomas (incumbent)
Al Baldasaro (incumbent)
Sherman Packard (incumbent)

Rockingham 6 (Derry):
Erica Layon
David Love (incumbent)
Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien (incumbent)
Stephen Pearson (incumbent)

Rockingham 8 (Salem): 
Daryl Abbas (incumbent)
Fred Doucette (incumbent)
John Sytek (incumbent)

Rockingham 20 (Hampton Falls, Seabrook): 
Aboul Khan (incumbent)

Strafford 18 (Rollinsford, Somersworth 1, 3, 4, 5): 
Matthew Spencer

Elections have consequences, and each election is important. NOW IS THE TIME to think and pray how you can help these and other candidates win in November. YOU make a difference by putting up signs, writing letters to your newspaper, donating, hosting house parties, making calls and going door-to-door! 

Cornerstone is here to help you and answer your questions every step of the way. 

REMINDER: The general election is Tuesday, November 3rd! 

More information on additional candidates ( i.e those who did not face a primary challenge) coming soon! 

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