Pastor’s Page

Dear Pastor and Faith-based Leader,

Cornerstone empowers and encourages faith-based institutions to be persuasive advocates for timeless principles and make a difference within their circles of influence. Cornerstone-Action’s e-Action Alerts equips Granite Stators to not only have a voice on issues affecting their family, but to actually influence public policy by putting them in direct contact with their elected officials.

As such, our network of pastors and churches is growing every day. Leaders in New Hampshire’s faith community want to stay informed with trusted, researched information so they can help their congregations understand the issues facing New Hampshire’s parents, families and churches.

We encourage you to stay informed too. It’s easy and free. Simply click HERE to subscribe to our e-mail updates. In them, you will receive the most current public policy information with expert analysis.

One of the most frequently asked questions from pastors is, “How can I help my congregation influence our culture by taking a stand on the current political and social issues, while preserving our tax-exempt status as a church?

The following resources will be helpful to you and your ministry when answering that question:

Guidelines for Political Activities by Churches and Pastors by Alliance Defending Freedom.

Political and Legislative Guidelines for Churches and Pastors by Mathew D. Staver, Esq.

Defending the Right to Share the Gospel by Alliance Defending Freedom.

Churches and Elections: What is the Law? by the Liberty Legal Institute.

Should Christians be Involved in Politics? by Dr. Wayne Grudem, Alliance Defending Freedom.

The following organizations may also be of help to you :

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy ResearchHudson Institute
American Legislative Exchange CouncilInstitute for Contemporary Studies
Brookings Institution Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Cato InstituteNational Conference of State Legislatures
The Center for Public IntegrityThe Pew Center on the States
The Center for Public JusticePioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
Center for Strategic and International StudiesTax Foundation
Claremont InstituteUrban Institute
Empower America


We’ve added a new section to this website which we entitled “Compassion.”  Love is an action word known by the works it produces.  There are projects we hope you will consider embracing in this new year:

The Truth Project:  This home study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life.

Fireproof Your Marriage: Statistics show that almost half of people in the U.S. will divorce at least once in their lifetime. Research shows that when things get difficult, people first look to the church for answers. Your church can help provide those answers and offer hope and healing for couples in your church and community with a wide array of marriage resources.

Prayerful Intercession

In the same way that our first President, George Washington, declared we should set aside a day for prayer and thanksgiving in 1789, Cornerstone is calling intercessors to join us as we help build a shield of prayer for our state, government and families.

The basic element of society is the family where we learn the first principles of government. The strength of our country depends upon the strength of our families. It is also in our families where we first learn to pray. As we grow and develop, we embrace the call to pray for those who are in authority over us believing that the effectual, fervent prayer of righteous men and women avails much.

In that vein, if you would like to join Cornerstone’s team of prayerful intercessors, please contact us at, and a member of our prayer team will be in touch with you.