Rep. Warren Groen for Strafford 10 (Rochester Ward 3)

Rep. Warren Groen, a perfect-scoring Cornerstone lawmaker from Rochester Ward 3 (Strafford 10), is vying for the district’s single seat so that he can continue to fight for New Hampshire families in the House and as part of the  Committee on Environment and Agriculture.

Rep. Groen said his goal in the Legislature, as always, remains “to kill counterproductive bills, prevent the growth of government and shrink it if possible.” He said he was pleased to vote on a number of bills that did just that in the last two years.

Rep. Groen was a co-sponsor of SB 372, the education tax credit bill that will help lower- and middle-class families afford the cost of sending their children to private schools or homeschooling their children. He also co-sponsored HB 1402, sponsored by Rep. Guy Comtois, and helped usher the bill through his committee. The bill builds on Rep. Groen’s law from two years ago that allowed farmers to sell 20 gallons of raw milk per day from their farms without a state license. HB 1402 allows these farmers to sell the products that can be made from those 20 gallons, as well as exempting home kitchens from state regulations if their sales are under $10,000 per year.

Most of Rep. Groen’s effort went into HB 228, he said, a bill to prevent state funding from going to organizations that perform abortions or make referrals for abortions. The bill eventually died, but Rep. Groen said he intends to bring it back thanks to the encouragement of William Wilberforce and William O’Brien, he said.

“When people have the gall to defend the killing of children, I have the gall to pummel them with everything I have,” Rep. Groen said. “My goal is to speak to the conscience of the House and of the citizens of the State of New Hampshire. I hope and pray that my speech and testimony will give them a new perspective with which to evaluate bills in particular and concepts in general.”

For next session, Rep. Groen said he is working on business friendly bills, a few pro-life bills and a possible prison-reform bill. He also intends to reform the state’s no-fault divorce laws.