Rep. Spec Bowers for Sullivan 2 (Croydon, Sunapee)

Rep. Spec Bowers, who is a Republican running for the one seat in heavily Republican-leaning Sullivan 2 (Croydon and Sunapee), voted with Cornerstone 100 percent of the time during his past two years of service in the Legislature.

Rep. Bowers, who served on the  Executive Departments and Administration committee, the  Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules and the special committees on pension reform, defined contribution retirement plans, and redistricting, said he focused much of his efforts on persuading other representatives to vote for family-friendly bills by writing committee blurbs for or against a bill, by writing House Republican Alliance pink sheet blurbs, and by speaking on the House floor and in Senate public hearings. On two bills in particular, HB 623, which prohibited reverse discrimination, and HB 651, which allowed the sale of Monk Parakeets in New Hampshire, Rep. Bowers said he helped overturn committee recommendations on the House floor to help pass the bills into law.

Upon re-election, Rep. Bowers said he wanted to serve on the same committees with the addition of one. As a member on the majority office’s policy committee, Rep. Bowers said he would be able to help guide bills through the process so they have a better chance of becoming law in their best form. He said his focus would be on jobs and the economy by helping to create a more friendly regulatory environment for entrepreneurs to create jobs.

“We should remove obstacles that make it harder for businesses to create jobs,” Bowers said. “I will work on minimizing regulations, which often have very little benefit and excessive burden.”

More generally, Rep. Bowers said he would work to limit the size and scope of government, reduce spending, minimize regulations and lesson taxes and fees. He said he would work to take power away from government and return it to individuals and families.