Shawn Sweeney for Hillsborough 23 (Milford)

Shawn Sweeney, a Families First Pledge signer who has real world leadership experience in business, law and government, is running for one of four available seats representing Hillsborough 23 (Milford) in the State Legislature.

Upon election, Sweeney said he intends to focus on strengthening the state’s economy, attracting high-quality jobs and enhancing citizens’ standard of living.

“We need to make sure we are creating and maintaining an economic environment that welcomes business and innovation, enabling the private sector to do what they do best: create jobs,” Sweeney said. “We need to reform and repeal unnecessary regulations that inhibit job growth. We must enact common sense legislation like Right to Work to attract new industry and we must continue to lower the tax burden on our small businesses.”

Part of improving the environment for business growth and development involves keeping government affordable, Sweeney said. That means keeping taxes low, reducing regulations for businesses and consumers and controlling government spending. Sweeney said he would also focus on fixing our state’s pension system, which is on the edge of insolvency.

“We have an obligation to both taxpayers and state workers to find solutions that will guarantee the solvency of the retirement system without requiring higher taxes,” he said.

Finally, Sweeney said he would focus on improving education and educational opportunities for New Hampshire’s children by ensuring local control of education policy and funding, increasing school choice and competition and empowering parents to make the educational decisions that work best for their own kids.

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