Rep. Sam Cataldo for Senate District 6

Rep. Sam Cataldo, a first-time Republican candidate for the Senate, is a current state representative from Farmington who is running to represent Senate District 6, which includes Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton in Belknap County and Farmington, New Durham and Rochester in Strafford County.

Rep. Cataldo, a Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 84 percent of the time during his past term in the House, served as clerk of the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee and had a near perfect attendance record.

The senate candidate said in a recent recorded campaign appearance that he would be a full-time Senator upon election, and that he would continue his work of the previous two years to enhance New Hampshire’s ability to harness geothermal energy for local heat and electricity production in New Hampshire.

During the past term, Rep. Cataldo was involved with three successful initiatives that enhanced the ability of homeowners to use the power of the Earth to heat their homes and provide for their electricity. SB 218 added “useful thermal energy” as a type of “renewable energy,” HB 381 allowed homeowners to sell some of the power generated by their thermal systems back to their electric company, and HB 1296 increased the amount of power from a “micro-combined heat and power system” that homeowners could sell back.

The senate candidate also said in the recording that he wanted to continue to pursue initiatives that would educate people on the causes of chronic disease. Additionally, he urged citizens to vote Republican to save the state from overspending, over taxation and immoral laws. He further noted that he would make it his business to make sure children graduate from good schools, and he would support public, private and home school education, as well as good after-school programming, to ensure it.

In his personal life, the four-term state representative has served six years in the U.S. Air Force, he has a commercial pilots license and he worked in research and development for Avco Corp. He’s an active member of St. Peter’s Church and he attends Rochester’s 9/12 Project meetings. He is married with five children and many grandchildren, and he has lived in Farmington since 2001.