Sen. Russell Prescott for Senate District 23

Sen. Russell Prescott, a Republican incumbent from Kingston who is running for re-election to represent Senate District 23, was chairman of the Senate Commerce and Senate Internal Affairs committees, and he also served on the Senate Education committee.

Sen. Prescott, a Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 75 percent of the time during his past term, was the prime sponsor of the state’s new voter identification law (SB 289).The new law will help protect the right of New Hampshire citizens to have their votes count in full without being unfairly watered down by out-of-state residents who should not be voting in New Hampshire.

Additionally, Sen. Prescott was a co-sponsor of SB 86, which requires the department of labor to warn employers of any labor law violations before they impose a fine. Previously, the labor department was imposing hefty fines on businesses that many times didn’t even know they were acting in violation of the law or administrative rules. Now, after a labor department warning, these businesses will have a 30-day warning period in most circumstances to fix the problem before a fine is imposed. This law change will not only help businesses keep their money focused on improving the economy and building their employee base, it will also make sure that the state government is offering some guidance to businesses and not just serving in a punitive role.

In key votes during the past session, Sen. Prescott supported prohibiting partial birth abortions (HB 1679), he supported the two constitutional amendments being proposed on the Nov. 6 ballot to ban an income tax and to better balance the authority of the Judicial Branch with the Legislature (CACR 13 & CACR 26), and he voted in favor of a bill to reform the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (HB 1490).

Upon re-election, Sen. Prescott will focus on job creation and reinvigorating New Hampshire’s economy by looking at a realistic state revenue statistics and ensuring a balanced budget that makes state departments live within their means, just like families do, according to press reports.

“I believe in providing the tools that allow us to make informed decisions and develop our entrepreneurial spirit,” he said on his Facebook page.

A practicing professional engineer who holds several patents, Sen. Prescott has been the co-owner and vice president of R.E. Prescott Co., a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of water systems, for 25 years. The senator and his wife have been married for 30 years and have five children.

Senate District 23 includes Brentwood, Chester, Danville, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Kingston and Sandown in Rockingham County.

For more information, visit “Russell Prescott for NH Senate – District 23” on Facebook.