Robert Burns for District 4 Executive Councilor

Robert Burns is facing a re-match of sorts in his race for the District 4 Executive Council seat, because his opponent is the same person he defeated to win his current Hillsborough County Treasurer position. The stakes are higher this time since Burns, a Families First Pledge signer, is a strong conservative who intends to use the seat to stop the expansion of government power and spending and uphold the rule of law, while his opponent has accepted significant donations from the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and other radical donors.

Since the Executive Council approves judicial appointees, it’s important for voters to consider such radical donors to his opponent as the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, Burns said. As a point of clarification, in Massachusetts, a judge recently said the state had to pay for a sex change operation for a man in prison. Burns asked whether his opponent would appoint judges who would make similar judgments. If elected councilor, Burns said he would use a litmus test to ensure that the judges he appoints follow the rule of law. When judges weigh-in on important issues such as a 24-hour waiting period required prior to an abortion, and similar issues, it will be Burns’s focus to reject judges who had a pretense toward activist decision making, he said.

“Voters should know that I am conservative, but more importantly, they should know what that means,” Burns said. “I am pro-life, pro family, pro-gun, a supporter of religious liberty and in opposition to federal dollars that contradict these values or result in future unfunded liabilities for the state. I believe in merit-based pay for public employee pay increases, and I look favorably upon executive appointees who believe the same. I believe the family courts should aspire to keep children with their parents, even when those parents have made mistakes, because children are almost always better off with their own parents. I would only support judicial appointees who agree with me on these issues.”

When it comes to fiscal conservatism, Burns noted that he would work to reject federal contracts that fund projects for a limited amount of time and then bind state funds to keep the program alive.

“These types of contracts that bait states with all kinds of federal money to launch a project but then force states to gradually contribute more state taxpayer dollars to the endeavor are the very reason New Hampshire has such a bloated state budget today,” Burns said. “The more of these contracts we reject, the more money the Legislature will be able to devote to tax and fee cuts that will help people launch or expand their businesses in New Hampshire. This type of fiscal conservatism is the only way government can help stimulate job creation and economic growth.”

Going into the primary election, Burns identified a Six-Point Pledge that he promises to follow upon election to the Executive Council. He completely backs that pledge (as well as the Families First Pledge) still today:

  • Fully vet each candidate for state commissions to make sure his or her skill set matches the job.
  • Fully vet judicial candidates to make sure they strictly interpret the U.S. and N.H. constitutions.
  • Recommend judicial candidates outside the Concord/Manchester lobbyist- and law-firm clique.
  • Clean up the family courts.
  • Review state contracts to make sure the people of New Hampshire are paying a fair price.
  • Review state leases to ensure the people are getting the market rate for their public properties.

Currently, Burns serves as Hillsborough County Treasurer. During his tenure, he helped invest the county’s money in a way that returned hundreds of thousands of dollars and he helped keep the county budget lean.

New Hampshire’s Executive Council District 4 consists of the following 19 communities: Allenstown, Auburn, Barrington, Bedford, Bow, Candia, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Goffstown, Hooksett, Lee, Londonderry, Loudon, Manchester, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, and Pittsfield. For more information, visit