Rep. Will Infantine for Hillsborough 13 (Manchester Ward 6)

Rep. Will Infantine, who voted with Cornerstone 88 percent of the time, served as the vice chairman of the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee, which worked on the Right to Work bill (HB 474) and other important job-creating efforts throughout the past session. Cornerstone is supporting Rep. Infantine for re-election in Manchester Ward 6 (Hillsborough 13), along with Rep. Larry Gagne.

Rep. Infantine, president of Aspen Insurance in Manchester and co-host of the Will & Joe Show, was responsible for 18 successful bills during the past two years. Among those efforts, Rep. Infantine co-sponsored a bill that requires employers to disclose a non-compete agreement when making a job offer to ensure people don’t sign away their right to pursue their line of work in a different venue (HB 1270), a bill that requires the labor department to warn companies about labor law violations and give them time to comply before imposing expensive fines (SB 86), a bill protecting the right of cities and towns to create tax caps (SB 2), a bill prohibiting the department of safety from revoking a N.H. drivers license for the failure to pay out-of-state taxes (HB 1701), and a bill to prohibit requirements for fire sprinklers in single and two-family homes (SB 91).

Rep. Infantine is the type of person who is able to develop positive relationships with people regardless of their background, and this has served him well in the State House where such relationships help advance causes important to families and businesses. Among those relationships, Rep. Infantine is on good terms with several state commissioners and has successfully used those relationships to benefit his constituents and local businesses. At the same time, Rep. Infantine often stands on principle, which is underlined by his admirable Cornerstone voting record.

Rep. Infantine, who lives with his wife Christine and two daughters in Manchester, is a member of many trade associations, including the Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors, The New Hampshire Home Builders and the Electrical Contractors Business Association.

Upon re-election, Rep. Infantine will continue to advocate for policies that advance economic development and job growth and support family values.