Rep. Timothy Twombly for Nashua Ward 7 (Hillsborough 34)

Along with Rep. Dee Hogan, Cornerstone is advocating for Rep. Timothy Twombly’s election in Nashua Ward 7 (Hillsborough 34) where the two Cornerstone picks face two others in a contest for three seats.

Rep. Twombly voted with Cornerstone 95 percent of the time during the past session, and as clerk for the Finance Committee’s first division, he helped craft the Legislature’s historic 11 percent spending cut that balanced the budget without new or increased taxes, fees, or borrowing. Division I of the Finance Committee is responsible for the budgets of 42 state departments, Twombly said.

Upon re-election, Rep. Twombly said he is looking forward to reducing state budgets again.

“If we want a successful growing private sector with its resultant jobs, we must not suck the life out of our businesses with overreaching regulations and ever increasing taxes,” he said.

In the past session, Rep. Twombly co-sponsored HB 242, sponsored by Rep. Carl Seidel of Nashua Ward 1. The bill (HB 242) gives more time to start-up companies to recover their losses before having to pay taxes on their income. Specifically, the bill increased the amount of losses investors can carry forward on their business taxes from $1 million to $10 million, which will increase the number of people willing to invest seed money in entrepreneurial ideas, attract new start-up companies and create jobs. Rep. Twombly also supported research and development tax credits to encourage innovation and job growth, and he voted to eliminate the hated auto registration surcharge, which will save N.H. families about $90 million a year.

On family values issues, Rep. Twombly said he is a strong advocate for traditional marriage, charter schools, home schooling and the rights of the unborn. He is also against expanded gambling, because he sees it as the wrong approach to New Hampshire’s long-term financial stability. Instead, Twombly said the Legislature should focus on creating a more business friendly environment to expand the state’s tax base and continue to encourage family-friendly tourism.

Besides continuing his work in on the budget and family values, Rep. Twombly said he would fight to stop the pervasive spread of Agenda 21 and other foreign influences within New Hampshire. Stopping Agenda 21, which is eroding property rights in the name of sustainability, is now part of the national Republican platform, and many Democrats are also taking a stand against it.