Rep. Tim Comerford for Rockingham 33 (Brentwood, Danville & Fremont)

Rep. Tim Comerford, who was vice chairman of the Legislative Administration Committee in the past session and voted with Cornerstone 95 percent of the time, is running for one available seat representing Rockingham 33 (Brentwood, Danville, Fremont), a strong Republican district.

In an effort to extend competition to education and increase educational choices in New Hampshire, Rep. Comerford sponsored HB 505, which allows charter schools to receive building aid grants for leased space. Many charter schools lease space as a means of operating more efficiently, Rep. Comerford said. Before this law, Charter Schools were ineligible for this type of aid, putting them at an economic disadvantage. Now they can compete with other public schools on an equal playing field, which will potentially present more educational opportunities to children, he said.

In addition to his work promoting educational freedom, Rep. Comerford co-sponsored CACR 26, which is a constitutional amendment that would restore the Legislature’s oversight of an out-of-control judiciary that often alienates the people from their God-given parental rights, Rep. Comerford said. Specifically, if the people of New Hampshire approve this amendment to their constitution, it would restore legislative oversight over the court’s administrative rulemaking procedures by amending Part 2, Article 73-a in the N.H. Constitution. Back in 1978, Article 73-a was added and gave full autonomy to the courts to pass administrative rules that have “the force and effect of law.” This change led to rules that have become law without representation. CACR 26 would restore checks and balances and make sure the court system answers to the people of New Hampshire.

In other efforts, Rep. Comerford co-sponsored HB 587, which, had it passed, would have eliminated no-fault divorce in New Hampshire, and HB 1555, which restored the right of self defense to people entering a state game preserve.

Rep. Comerford said he plans to use his next term to continue his efforts to restore liberty and economic freedom for New Hampshire families. He will work specifically on free market health insurance solutions that address problems with high-risk pools, insurance plan customization and the sale of health insurance across state lines. All of these efforts will reduce the cost of health insurance, Rep. Comerford said. Additionally, Rep. Comerford said he would champion constitutional carry legislation, which would eliminate the need for a license to carry a firearm, and a Right to Work bill, which would restore employee rights in the workplace.