Rep. Michael Balboni for Nashua Ward 2 (Hillsborough 29)

As Chairman of the House Education Committee, Rep. Michael Balboni led the way on several pro-family and education-freedom initiatives, and he was able to earn a 97 percent score on Cornerstone’s scorecard—something uncommon for legislators in leadership positions. Along with Rep. Donald McClarren, Cornerstone is advocating for Rep. Balboni’s re-election in Nashua Ward 2 (Hillsborough 29).

Rep. Balboni was instrumental in the passage of HB 545 and HB 1571, two homeschooling deregulation bills that will lead to more a more cooperative, and less adversarial, relationship between local school districts and homeschooling parents. He also helped lead the way on SB 372, the education tax credit bill that will help lower- and middle-class families afford the cost of sending their children to private schools or homeschooling their children.

Rep. Balboni was the prime sponsor of HB 1360, which requires the board of education and the education commissioner to submit reports to the Legislature before they adopt special education rules that exceed the minimum requirements of state or federal law. This change will help minimize the damage of federal laws that have focused teachers on the weakest student in a classroom, which hurts the education of those students who are more advanced.

Additionally, Rep. Balboni served on the Special Committee on Education Funding Reform and advanced a House Concurrent Resolution (HCR 26) that would have enabled the Legislature to assert its constitutional authority over the Supreme Court to set educational funding and curricula policy. HCR 26 would have been the Legislature’s best response to the Claremont opinions, and with its passage, a constitutional amendment would be unnecessary. Unfortunately, the clear and assertive resolution didn’t pass. Yet, Rep. Balboni will bring the same conservative ideals contained in HCR 26 back with him to Concord.

Along the same lines, Rep. Balboni co-sponsored CACR 26, which, if approved by the people this November, would amend Part 2, Article 73-a in the N.H. Constitution and restore some of the Legislature’s authority to approve administrative rules in the Judicial Branch. Back in 1978, Article 73-a was added and gave full autonomy to the courts to pass administrative rules that have “the force and effect of law.” This has led to problems with judicial overreach. The constitutional amendment CACR 26 will make the Judicial Branch accountable to the people again by allowing the Legislature to pass laws that nullify court rules, when appropriate.

Importantly, Rep. Balboni co-sponsored HB 437, which would have restored traditional marriages in New Hampshire by repealing the current homosexual “marriage” law. Unfortunately, the Legislature didn’t restore the traditional definition of marriage in the outgoing session, but we can be confident that Rep. Balboni would support such a bill when it comes up again in the next session.