Rep. Larry Gagne for Hillsborough 13 (Manchester Ward 6)

Rep. Larry Gagne, who voted with Cornerstone 97 percent of the time, served as vice chairman of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which lived up to its name this past term by ensuring law-abiding citizens could protect their families from those who would do them harm wherever they have a right to be (SB 88). Cornerstone is supporting Rep. Gagne for re-election in Manchester Ward 6 (Hillsborough 13), along with Rep. William Infantine.

Rep. Gagne, who clearly supports family values according to his voting record, was a co-sponsor of a bill (HB 544) that made it clear that local communities could not pass gun or knife ordinances that are stricter than state law. This important bill will ensure uniformity in the law across the state so that law-abiding citizens can protect themselves without worrying about whether a specific community has different rules than the next one.

He also co-sponsored the bill that allows local communities, such as Manchester, to adopt tax caps by popular initiative (SB 2). This bill will help cities and towns keep tighter controls on their local budgets to stabilize property taxes and increase the opportunity for business development and job growth.

He voted in favor of important efforts such as HB 329, which requires parental notification before a teen girl can undergo an abortion; SB 318, which ensures integrity during elections by requiring voters to show an ID; and HB 1607, which allows businesses to write-off some of their taxes by donating to a scholarship fund that helps lower-income children go to private schools or take part in a homeschooling program.

Rep. Gagne opposes tax increases and supports low spending to ensure that government remains small and businesses can grow and flourish in New Hampshire. He intends to keep working to make New Hampshire the best place to do business and raise a family in the United States.