Rep. Kathy Souza and Roy Shoults for Hillsborough 43 (Manchester Wards 4-7)

Rep. Kathy Souza, a Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 100 percent of the time, is running alongside Roy Shoults for one of three seats in Hillsborough 43 (Manchester Wards 4-7). Cornerstone is also supporting Tim Prescott for a state rep. seat within the district.

Rep. Souza served on the House Judiciary Committee during the past term. The committee was a good fit for her since her most notable efforts dealt with life issues, and most pro-life bills are heard by the Judiciary Committee. She has been active with New Hampshire Right to Life for many years.

Roy Shoults, a member of the Manchester Board of School Committee who has publicized some of his positions here, has also signed Cornerstone’s Families First Pledge and the Private Property Protector pledge. He is a board member of the New Hampshire Center for Constitutional Studies and has experience as a clinical social worker, a real estate agent and the owner of an antique store. He has two children.

Rep. Souza was the sponsor of HB 329, the successful parental notification bill that became law over the governor’s veto. This important pro-life effort will make sure parents are able to help their teenage daughters through a very difficult time and very well could lead to a reduction in the number of abortions in New Hampshire.

Rep. Souza co-sponsored HCR 31, a successful legislative resolution that commended the work of pregnancy care centers in New Hampshire and across the United States. These centers provide women with alternatives to abortion and promote the well-being of women, men, and babies, both born and unborn.

Among other notable efforts that didn’t make it in the past session, Rep. Souza sponsored the fetal homicide bill (HB 217), which would have applied two charges of murder to people who intentionally kill a pregnant mother; and HB 443, which would have restored traditional marriage in New Hampshire. Rep. Souza also co-sponsored a Woman’s Right to Know Act (HB 1659), which would require physicians, at least 24 hours before a planned abortion, to provide a woman considering the procedure with medically accurate information about her child and the abortion method that would be used as well as the long-term risks of having an abortion and alternatives to having an abortion. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jeanine Notter, would also have required the disclosure of several other pertinent information points that would help save innocent children’s lives.

Upon re-election, Rep. Souza said she intends to continue to pursue her pro-life efforts. She noted that she would constantly guard against a physician-assisted suicide bill, which presents unintended dangers to the elderly and disabled if it ever succeeds. She would also bring forward the fetal homicide bill, which would charge someone with two counts of murder who knowingly killed a pregnant woman. In general, she would work to keep New Hampshire’s tax burden low, to encourage business growth and reduce unemployment, to encourage educational opportunities for children and to protect the constitution. Rep. Souza would request the Election Law committee, she said.