Rep. Holly Mecheski for Antrim, Hillsborough and Windsor (Hillsborough 1)

Rep. Holly Mecheski, one of Cornerstone’s 30 Heroes of the Family for supporting Cornerstone’s agenda 100 percent of the time, is in a three-person primary for two seats in Hillsborough 1 (Antrim, Hillsborough and Windsor), where one of her incumbent opponents, Rep. Bob Fredette, only voted with Cornerstone 60 percent of the time.

Rep. Mecheski sat on the House Environment and Agriculture Committee during her freshman year in the House, and while she didn’t sponsor or co-sponsor any bills, she was a reliable and consistent vote for Cornerstone’s Families First values. That means she voted to preserve the freedom of conscience for all citizens, she voted to protect innocent human life, she voted to defend the natural family and traditional marriage, she voted to protect natural rights for parents and she voted for free market economic policies.

We fully expect Rep. Mecheski to keep up the good work upon her reelection.