Rep. Gregory Hill for Merrimack 3 (Franklin Ward 3, Northfield)

Rep. Gregory Hill, who voted with Cornerstone 96 percent of the time, is running for one of two seats in Merrimack 3 (Franklin Ward 3, Northfield).

Hill, who has worked in electronics distribution, tourism and personal finance, served on the House Education Committee and the special committee on public pension reform during his freshman term, and he helped pass several important initiatives in both of these core areas.

Perhaps most important to New Hampshire families, Rep. Hill helped champion the groundbreaking education tax credit bill that passed despite the governor’s veto and earned national attention for its role in establishing private schooling and homeschooling as viable alternatives to public schools. Rep. Hill was a co-sponsor of SB 372, the successful bill sponsored by Sen. Jim Forsythe that set up the education tax credit against the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax. The bill allows businesses to write off from their taxes any contribution they make to scholarship organizations, which in turn will use the money to help less fortunate students afford private school tuitions or home schooling materials. Rep. Hill also co-sponsored the House version of the bill (HB 1607), though it was the Senate version that ultimately passed into law.

Besides this essential effort for educational freedom, Rep. Hill sponsored HB 1139, which guaranteed parents legal access to the educational records of their children held by the state. He also sponsored HB 1225, a new law that allows charter schools that have been open for at least five years to incur their own debt at their own expense to expand or improve their land and buildings. These combined efforts will help increase transparency and competition in the education industry.

Rep. Hill also co-sponsored SB 230, an important cost-containing effort that requires the retirement system to balance public employees’ highest five years of compensation with the average compensation they earned during their entire time of service when calculating pension payments.

Now that Rep. Hill has his bearings having completed an unusually productive freshman year, voters can expect even more excellent work on pension and education reform from the Northfield resident in the next two years. Rep. Hill and his wife Laurie have one teenage son.