Rep. Edith ‘Dee’ Hogan for Nashua Ward 7 (Hillsborough 34)

Along with Rep. Timothy Twombly, Cornerstone is advocating for Rep. Edith “Dee” Hogan’s election in Nashua Ward 7 (Hillsborough 34). Rep. Hogan, who scored a 97 percent on Cornerstone’s scorecard, served as vice chairman on the House Committee of Children and Family Law and she also served on the Special Committee on Education Funding Reform.

During the outgoing session, Rep. Hogan was co-sponsor of the critically important House Resolution that asserts New Hampshire’s 10th Amendment power to stand up to the federal government when it acts beyond its constitutional authority. HR 25, which was sponsored by Rep. Dan Itse of Fremont, asserts New Hampshire’s authority to nullify all federal laws and regulations that violate the authority given to Congress and the federal Executive Branch in the U.S. Constitution.

Besides this effort, Rep. Hogan supported all of Cornerstone’s efforts to restore traditional marriage, support innocent human life and restore family values in New Hampshire, and she will continue to do so upon reelection. For these votes alone, she deserves another term.