Rep. Donald McClarren for Nashua Ward 2 (Hillsborough 29)

Rep. Donald McClarren, a member of the Judiciary Committee, voted with Cornerstone 97 percent of the time during the past session. Along with Rep. Michael Balboni, Cornerstone is pushing for Rep. McClarren’s re-election in Nashua Ward 2 (Hillsborough 29), where the two Cornerstone favorites face two other candidates for three seats.

As a proud, constitutionally minded citizen who decided to run for office to undo years of Democratic spending and taxing, Rep. McClarren said he was proud to just “learn the ropes” in his first term. Unlike some freshmen, however, Rep. McClarren attempted several major efforts. Though it didn’t pass, HB 527, his bill to limit tort payments in an attempt to reduce the cost of health insurance, was one of those efforts. Another was his effort to reduce the Room and Meals tax, which would have made New Hampshire a more attractive tourist destination. Still, he was successful on the Judiciary Committee in his effort to prevent a consolidation of the Manchester and Nashua Superior Courts, which he said would have made seeking justice costly and inconvenient for Nashua residents.

Upon re-election, McClarren said he planned to focus on reducing taxes for businesses and families, which will help stimulate private sector job growth and business development. He said he was proud to be a part of a $1 billion budget cut, but noted that the budget needs to be cut further in the next session to allow for the tax and fee reductions that will help boost the economy. Additionally, he said he would work on education reform and pension reform to help restore the New Hampshire Advantage.