Rep. Brandon Giuda for Merrimack 20 (Chichester, Pembroke)

Rep. Brandon Giuda, who served on the House Judiciary Committee as well as the special committees to study the Guardian Ad Litem Board and the Liquor Commission, is running for one of three seats in Merrimack 20 (Chichester, Pembroke).

Rep. Giuda, an attorney by trade who just finished his first term in the House, passed several bills that increased individual liberty and government transparency, and he passed several others that reduced regulations and fines on small businesses. A Families First Pledge signer, Rep. Giuda voted with Cornerstone 97 percent of the time during the session.

Of critical importance to New Hampshire small businesses, Rep. Giuda sponsored HB 1587, which eliminated a requirement for employers of less than 15 people to fund workers’ compensation safety courses and reduced fines from $1,000 to $250 when companies fail to post required paperwork on time. Both measures simply help businesses focus their time and energy on being businesses, which is good for the economy and job development. Additionally, Rep. Giuda sponsored HB 624, which studied the way executive officials use rules to impose fees and regulatory burdens on businesses. The resulting study has already helped build awareness about the backdoors of government and reduce the number of rules being enacted.

On transparency, he sponsored HB 1223, which increased the penalties on government officials who violate the Right to Know law. He also sponsored HB 1535, which requires police officers to write full narratives in their arrest records to ensure an accurate account of each arrest is presented in court. He co-sponsored HB 1438, a bill that would have reduced the number of wrongful convictions by prohibiting police from hiding evidence in their personnel files that might be helpful to an accused citizen. While the bill didn’t pass the Senate, Rep. Guida was able to attach its language as an amendment to SB 406, and it then became law.

Rep. Giuda worked overtime to pass SB 406, which created an early offer for citizens involved in medical malpractice suits in an effort to reduce medical costs. The bill was so instrumental, the New York Post featured it in an article, “Patients, docs win – and lawyers lose,” writing, “Nothing like it has been tried anywhere — but if it works, imitators are sure to follow.”

For families, Rep. Giuda helped the parental notification bill (HB 329) pass through the Judiciary Committee. The bill will make sure parents are able to help their teenage daughters through a very difficult time and very well could lead to a reduction in the number of abortions in New Hampshire.

As an active member of the Legislature, Rep. Giuda helped lead the fight on Northern Pass by supporting HB 648, which strengthened the state’s eminent domain law so private companies cannot take private land for their private projects without the owner’s willingness to sell. He also worked on HB 1551, which increased the willingness of private property owners to let people enjoy their land by protecting the owner’s immunity.

Additionally, Rep. Giuda played a role in the Legislature’s 11 percent state budget reduction (HB 1 & HB 2) that also reduced taxes and fees without using any budgeting gimmicks or passing costs down to cities and towns. Likewise, he helped hold the line on county spending as part of his county delegation.

If re-elected, Giuda has said publicly that he’d be interested in a position in the Majority Office, and he also has expressed an interest in serving as a committee chairman. His Facebook posts indicate he’ll be filing many of the same type of bills as he was successful passing in the last two years.