Ovide Lamontagne for N.H. Governor

The difference between the two gubernatorial candidates in New Hampshire could not be more stark, and it is with conviction that Cornerstone is featuring Families First Pledge signer Ovide Lamontagne, a Manchester businessman and charitable leader, as the clear choice for N.H. governor. While his opponent wants to raise taxes on New Hampshire families and make them more dependent on expensive government programs, Lamontagne wants to give New Hampshire families and children the tools they need to succeed on their own.

As a candidate for governor, Ovide Lamontagne has outlined a clear Prosperity Agenda for New Hampshire businesses and families. Among other issues, Lamontagne will be focused on strengthening the state’s economy so that it supports more jobs, which will present opportunities to families all across New Hampshire to enjoy an enhanced standard of living. By working with the Legislature and the Governor’s Council to reduce business taxes and regulations, reduce the costs of energy and health care, and improve the state’s systems for education and infrastructure, Lamontagne will help create the conditions that will allow businesses and families to prosper.

As a former educator with state experience in the field, Lamontagne has comprehensive plans to help improve the learning environment for our children and involve parents and local communities in the process. As a precursor to any fundamental reform, Lamontagne will be pushing for a constitutional amendment to reverse the Claremont decisions and restore local control over educational policy and funding. The most recent educational funding amendment, CACR 12, failed in the House this past term because conservatives pointed out how it didn’t go far enough to protect local control of education and parental rights. We trust the future Gov. Lamontagne would lead the way to help pass better language, which would secure local control and parental rights.

Alongside a constitutional amendment, Lamontagne said he would be working to expand parents’ school choices to create competition in education via charter schools, homeschoolers, traditional schools, higher education and technical school opportunities, among others, which will drive down the cost of education while increasing quality. He said he would also be working with universities, community colleges, technical schools, high schools and businesses to develop a “Learn-to-Earn Initiative” that will “align education with the needs of today’s employers.” By promoting “rigorous coursework and opportunities to learn in environments that best position [students] for success,” Lamontagne said he hopes New Hampshire schools will better gear students for today’s jobs.

Professionally, Lamontagne has been a high school history teacher, an editor, a law clerk and a business lawyer; most recently with the law firm Devine, Millimet & Branch. In his community, he has served as chairman of St. Mary’s Bank Board of Directors and Director of the Easter Seal Society of New Hampshire, among other positions in public service. Culturally, he is the founding president of the Franco-American Center and past honorary consul of France to New Hampshire. Religiously, he has served in many positions within the Catholic Diocese of Manchester, including trustee of the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund. Politically, he has served as legal counsel for the N.H. State Senate and Chairman of the State Board of Education. Lamontagne and his wife Bettie live in East Manchester. They have two daughters and a foster son.

Please visit Ovide Lamontagne’s Web site, www.Ovide2012.com, to learn more about his conservative plans as governor of New Hampshire.