Michael Tierney for District 2 Executive Councilor

Families First Pledge signer Michael J. Tierney is in a tough Executive Council district, but with your help he can win the District 2 seat, which includes the communities of Dover, Rochester, Franklin, Concord and Keene. His opponent for the seat has a history of supporting both a sales and income tax to enable additional government spending.

“New Hampshire families do not need more taxes and increased regulation,” Tierney said. “We need an executive councilor who will keep spending low and the size of government small.”

Tierney said he is running for a seat on the N.H. Executive Council to act as a check on job-killing regulation and excessive government spending. The Executive Council has two primary duties: to approve appointments to the judicial and executive branches of government and to approve spending on contracts above $10,000.

As councilor, Tierney said he would make sure that gubernatorial appointees are qualified and competent candidates and not bureaucrats with agendas to increase government regulations. Similarly, he said he would make sure that judicial appointees are competent judges who will impartially apply the law and not activists seeking to legislate from the bench.

Tierney also said he would make sure that the state’s tax dollars are efficiently and effectively spent. Billions of dollars in government contracts from health care and housing to transportation and everything in between need to be approved by the Executive Council. As councilor, Tierney said he would reject excessive and wasteful spending to ensure New Hampshire’s government remains limited and affordable for New Hampshire families. Tierney said he would also advocate for more competitive bidding for state contracts so New Hampshire families know they are getting the most effective services at the lowest cost for their tax dollar.

Finally, as councilor, Tierney said he would only approve contracts that spend within the limit of projected revenues.

Tierney is currently a practicing attorney at Wadleigh Starr & Peters in Manchester and an allied attorney of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which involves Christian attorneys dedicated to protecting religious liberty, the sanctity of life and the traditional family. In his law practice, Michael has represented more than a dozen churches and religious ministries across New Hampshire.

Recently, he represented New Hampshire Right to Life in its efforts to expose how Planned Parenthood is illegally distributing abortion drugs in New Hampshire. The lawsuit also uncovered how the Obama Administration unlawfully gave Planned Parenthood a sole-source contract for over-priced, taxpayer-funded birth control, even though low-price pharmacies are selling the same drugs for as little as $9/month.

For more information, visit www.votetierney.com.