Rep. Laurie Sanborn for Hillsborough 41 (Amherst & Bedford)

Rep. Laurie Sanborn, a Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 90 percent of the time, is running for a seat in the House representing Hillsborough 41 (Amherst & Bedford).

Rep. Sanborn owns The Draft restaurant in Concord with her husband, Sen. Andy Sanborn. During her freshman term, which just concluded, she used her experience in business to launch and lead the New Hampshire House Business Coalition, a group of about 100 House members who evaluated and supported bills that would promote job creation and business expansion. Under Rep. Sanborn’s leadership, the group sought the input of actual business leaders around the state and helped to pass more than 50 pro-business bills. She lists many of these bills as accomplishments on her Web site,

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Sanborn served a critical role in accurately predicting the state’s revenue within 0.0003 percent of actual state receipts for fiscal year 2012. Her committee was responsible for a resolution (HR 11) that not only accurately predicted state revenues; it also required legislators working on the budget to spend no more than the revenue prediction. It was this resolution that led to the Legislature’s 11 percent state budget reduction (HB 1 & HB 2) that also reduced taxes and fees without using any budgeting gimmicks or passing costs down to cities and towns.

Rep. Sanborn also served as a member of the Commission to Study Business Taxation. As part of that committee, she helped make several recommendations to simplify New Hampshire’s tax law so it is easier for businesses to understand and easier for the state government to administer.

“You can only be pro-jobs, if you are pro-business,” Rep. Sanborn said. “I will continue my extensive efforts to reduce time consuming red tape and expensive regulations, repeal state laws and rules that are more restrictive than federal laws with no apparent benefit, reduce taxes and reform tax laws whenever possible, and work to improve the relationship between business and government.”

Rep. Sanborn has been an active member and committee chairman of the Economic Strategic Commission to Review the Relationship Between New Hampshire Businesses and State Government, which is more commonly referred to as the “Business One Stop” project. The commission has been working on ways to improve business permitting, reporting, payment scheduling, communication, regulation, conflict resolution and expansion in New Hampshire.

“Just like we do in our home or business, we need to regularly evaluate every expense and program to see if they still make sense,” Rep. Sanborn said. “I will continue to fight to make our government more transparent, accountable and responsible with your money.”

Additionally, Rep. Sanborn intends to help restore local control of education by increasing parental involvement and choice in educational decision-making, and she intends to increase health care choices in New Hampshire by resisting federal control of health insurance markets and enabling a New Hampshire market for insurance that ensures quality care at a more affordable price, she said.

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