Kurt Wuelper for House Stafford 3 (New Durham and Strafford)

Kurt Wuelper, a non-incumbent candidate and Families First Pledge signer running to serve in the House of Representatives, is vying for one of two seats in Strafford 3 (New Durham and Strafford), where he will need your help to bring his pro-life, pro-family agenda to the State House.

For the past three or four years, Wuelper has served as president of New Hampshire Right to Life, during which time he instituted quarterly newsletters and doubled the organization’s active membership to about 15,000 people. Wuelper said the organization was responsible for driving Planned Parenthood from Lebanon, N.H., to White River Junction, Vt., and for helping to pass a handful of pro-life bills through the Legislature. Among successful efforts was the bill requiring parental notification before a minor can have an abortion (HB 329) and the state ban on partial birth abortions (HB 1679).

Several other pro-life efforts passed the Legislature, but didn’t clear the governor’s veto pen. Clearly, those will be among Wuelper’s leading efforts upon his election to the State House. Wuelper said he personally plans to file a bill to ban coerced abortions, or abortions that occur because a woman is facing pressure from her husband or boyfriend or from her parents to go through with an abortion that she doesn’t want.

“These types of abortions are an atrocity,” Wuelper said. “Women should be protected from people who take advantage of them.”

Besides his stance on life issues, Wuelper said he would fight for constitutional limits to government, laws that protect families and family values, and efforts that reduce the cost of government by providing services in different or more cost effective ways. Efforts such as school choice are powerful opportunities to achieve both of those objectives at the same time, he said.

Upon election, Wuelper said he would request membership on the Judiciary and  Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification committees.