Joshua Youssef for District 7 State Senator

Joshua Youssef, a Families First Pledge signer, entrepreneur and longtime advocate for parental rights, is running in a tough match for the State Senate seat in District 7, which includes the communities of Belmont, Gilford, Laconia, Andover, Boscawen, Canterbury, Franklin, Northfield, Salisbury and Webster.

Youssef, who won a tough primary battle with only $3,200 thanks to the “steadfast and unrelenting support of those who believe in” him, will need your help to win his General Election battle, he said. Youssef said he stands by his conservatism, and his campaign budget ledger is proof positive. His ability to put such a small amount of money to good use was borne out during the past two decades of his business and entrepreneurial career, he said.

“I have always sought to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and optimize every moving part in my companies,” Youssef said. “This approach to doing business has allowed us to weather a number of economically challenging times and enjoy prosperity in spite of those challenges. I am not only confident, but I am convinced by years of experience that bringing these ideals to Concord is vital to restoring to New Hampshire the values envisioned by the founders and framers of our great state.”

Upon election to the State Senate, Youssef said he would focus on three key areas. First, by reducing regulations and implementing free-market strategies to stimulate the economy and foster private-sector job growth, Youssef said families would be able to achieve a higher quality of life in New Hampshire. Similarly, Youssef said he wants to provide property tax relief to New Hampshire residents who are being driven from their homes. Finally, he wants to focus on repairing the state’s broken health care and education systems by advancing free-market solutions that provide consumers with choices that naturally result in increased quality and lower costs, he said.

“My approach will restore control to the local and municipal levels where there is an intimate knowledge of our neighbors’ health care needs and our students’ need to pursue an education that is tailored to bringing out the best in each child,” Youssef said.

With extensive experience in technology, business start-ups, process-model streamlining and business building, Youssef said he is open to whichever Senate committees will best use his gifts, talents and skills for the benefit of the people in his district and the state at large.

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