Rep. Joe Duarte for Rockingham 2 (Candia, Deerfield & Nottingham)

Rep. Joe Duarte, who served as clerk of the Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee during the past session and voted with Cornerstone 90 percent of the time, is running for one of three available seats representing Rockingham 2 (Candia, Deerfield & Nottingham), where he is in a fairly stable position.

Rep. Duarte, a Families First Pledge signer, passed a bill (HB 1383) to prohibit illegal aliens from receiving discounted in-state tuition in the University System of New Hampshire. That bill was signed by the governor and takes effect in January 2013. Besides passing his bill, Rep. Duarte said he enjoyed the experience of working with members of both political parties throughout the past session.

Upon re-election, Rep. Duarte said he would like to serve on the fish and game committee again and that he would introduce some of his previous ideas that didn’t quite make it this past term. Specifically, he said he would reintroduce a bill to require employers use the e-Verify system to ensure they are only employing, contracting or subcontracting out to U.S. Citizens or people who have a work visa.

“State workers are being paid with taxpayer dollars,” Rep. Duarte said. “With more than 38,000 of our neighbors unemployed, they should be the first on the list for those jobs.”