Sen. Jim Luther for Senate District 12

Sen. Jim Luther, a Republican incumbent from Hollis who is running for re-election to represent Senate District 12, served on the Senate Executive Departments and Administration, Judiciary and Ways and Means committees.

Sen. Luther, a Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 85 percent of the time during his past term, focused on economic development and job creation during his first term in the Senate.

Of major impact to jobs and the economy was SB 86, a bill Sen. Luther sponsored that requires the department of labor to warn employers of any labor law violations before they impose a fine. Previously, the labor department was imposing hefty fines on businesses that many times didn’t even know they were acting in violation of the law or administrative rules. Now, after a labor department warning, these businesses will have a 30-day warning period in most circumstances to fix the problem before a fine is imposed. This law change will not only help businesses keep their money focused on improving the economy and building their employee base, it will also make sure that the state government is offering some guidance to businesses and not just serving in a punitive role.

Of additional note, Sen. Luther was co-sponsor of SB 372, a bill sponsored by Sen. Jim Forsythe that established an education tax credit against the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax. The bill allows businesses to write off from their taxes any contribution they make to scholarship organizations, which in turn will use the money to help less fortunate students afford private school tuitions or home schooling materials.

Upon re-election, Sen. Luther wants to continue his work of maintaining low taxes by controlling government spending. By reducing taxes, controlling spending and reducing onerous government regulations, the Legislature can create the right conditions for private businesses to create jobs, he said. Additionally, Sen. Luther wants to continue to keep the right balance between New Hampshire’s natural beauty and the economy, he said

In his private life, Sen. Luther operates a personal investment management business and serves as a part-time pastor at Grace Fellowship Church of Nashua. He and his wife Melinda have lived in Hollis since 1988. They have two children.

Senate District 12 includes Rindge in Cheshire County and Brookline, Greenville, Hollis, Mason, Nashua Wards 1, 2 & 5 and New Ipswich in Hillsborough County.

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