Rep. Jeffrey Oligny for Rockingham 34 (Atkinson, Hampstead, Kingston & Plaistow)

Rep. Jeffrey Oligny, who is a Republican running for the one seat in heavily Republican-leaning Rockingham 34 (Atkinson, Hampstead, Kingston & Plaistow), voted with Cornerstone 96 percent of the time during his past two years of service in the Legislature.

The Cornerstone Families First Pledge signer said he is proudest of being able to identify the root cause of the Legislature’s failure to reform family law during the past 20 years, which he said is “a very long, well-established super-liberal agenda within the Children and Family Law Committee and the N.H. Judiciary.” Rep. Oligny is among the leaders in the House now working to correct these problems.

“The goal is to show the committee that supporting the Republican Platform of strong New Hampshire families, ending the ‘N.H. divorce incentive’ and supporting joint parenting after divorce is ‘in the best interests of the child’ and the state,” Rep. Oligny said.

In addition, Rep. Oligny’s bill, HB 1530, which is now being studied during the interim period between legislative sessions, is likely to produce recommended bills to reform the guardian ad litem board and ensure that guardians ad litem respect both parents’ rights during custody battles. Guardians ad litem are currently poorly defined officials who, in some cases, work for judges as investigators during divorce trials. Some judges give guardians authority to order parents around and make recommendations about how the judge should decide a case, and other judges more appropriately send the guardians to fairly investigate both parents involved in the custody case. Rep. Oligny said he would be advancing bills in the next session that clearly define the role of guardians ad litem and improve parental rights.

“Upon re-election, I plan to help establish a Children & Family Law Committee that supports the Republican Platform and respects parental rights,” Rep. Oligny said. “I will sponsor a host of bills to build strong families and stop divorce industry insiders from capitalizing on chaos in divorcing families.”

Rep. Oligny said his main focus would be on preventing judges from removing “fit parents” from their children’s lives.