Jane Cormier for Representative in Belknap 8 (Alton, Barnstead & Gilmanton)

Jane Cormier, a principled conservative mother and Families First Pledge signer who wants to do her part to continue New Hampshire’s return to common sense in government, is running for state representative in the one-seat district of Belknap 8 (Alton, Barnstead & Gilmanton), a heavily Republican area.

Cormier said she is running for a seat in the Legislature to translate her conservative principles into action and help educate New Hampshire citizens about their constitutional rights. A true conservative, she said, believes in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which protects the right to life at all stages, true freedom and the pursuit of happiness, but not the guarantee of happiness. She said conservatives believe in small government, which means that the state is accountable to the people who, in turn, are responsible for their own actions and not dependent on the government.

If elected, Cormier said she intends to support Right to Work legislation, which will guarantee freedom in the workplace. She also said she hopes to prevent Obamacare from causing further damage to our health insurance policies in New Hampshire.

Cormier, who has raised two children to be knowledgeable about conservatism and give the best of themselves to others, said she is active in her community as director of a musical nonprofit called, “Just Love to Sing!” In that role, she has offered 300 young singers a place to perform on the operatic stage.

For more information about her campaign, please visit www.jane4newhampshire.com.