Rep. Harry Accornero for Belknap 9 (Belmont & Laconia Wards 1-6)

Rep. Harry Accornero, a Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 92 percent of the time, is running for the one representative seat in Belknap 9 (Belmont & Laconia Wards 1-6), a new district.

Rep. Accornero, who just finished his first term in the House, served on the Municipal and County Government Committee and worked on property rights, transparency and parental rights bills during the past two years.

Among his successful efforts, Rep. Accornero co-sponsored HB 169, which requires assessment officials to pro-rate buildings that are damaged by fire or natural disaster when they determine property tax values. The bill will help families better manage what is already a very difficult time in their lives. He also co-sponsored SB 214, a transparency effort that clarifies that public libraries are subject to most Right to Know requests under RSA 91-A. SB 340, another bill he co-sponsored, improves the beauty of local communities by allowing local cities and towns to craft set-back requirements for junk yards in their zoning ordinances.

Also notably, Rep. Accornero co-sponsored HB 595, a homeschooling freedom bill sponsored by Rep. Laura Jones. While this particular bill didn’t make it, Rep. Accornero’s effort on this bill led to the success HB 545 and HB 1571, two homeschooling freedom bills that will ensure a more cooperative, and less adversarial, relationship between local school districts and homeschooling parents. Ultimately, these efforts should encourage more parents to homeschool as well.

Find our more information on Rep. Accornero on his Facebook page, Harry Accornero – N.H. State Representative for District 4, Laconia.