Debi Warner for Senate District 1 Senator

Debi Warner, a hopeful freshman legislator and Families First Pledge signer, is running for a seat in the N.H. Senate from the geographically gigantic Senate District 1 area, which includes most of the North Country.

In running for a seat in the Senate, Warner said that she is “concerned with economic recovery for the North Country and protecting our sustainable local resources.”

A psychologist by trade with a doctorate from Bowling Green State University, Warner has lived in the district for 22 years and worked in private business, non-profit settings and public service. If elected, she said she would pursue three core areas of focus: sustainable businesses and jobs through infrastructure improvements, access to markets and simpler regulations; protection of the state’s natural assets and its tourism industry; and creative problem solving on issues that arise through bipartisan solutions and consensus building.

Warner is a founding officer of the North Country Home Builders Association and has led free professional development workshops in Lancaster for the past six years. She has also served as a member on the N.H. Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Board and the N.H. Board for Mental Health Practice at the pleasure of the governor and council. Additionally, she has served as chief of mental health for the N.H. Department of Corrections.

Senate District 1 includes Atk. & Gilm. Ac. Grant, Bean’s Grant, Bean’s Purchase, Berlin, Cambridge, Carroll, Chandler’s Purchase, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Crawford’s Purchase, Cutt’s Grant, Dalton, Dix’s Grant, Dixville, Dummer, Errol, Erving’s Location, Gorham, Green’s Grant, Hadley’s Purchase, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Low & Burbank’s Grant, Martin’s Location, Milan, Millsfield, Northumberland, Odell, Pinkham’s Grant, Pittsburg, Randolph, Sargent’s Purchase, Second College Grant, Shelburne, Stark, Stewartstown, Stratford, Success, Thompson & Mes’s Pur., Wentworth’s Loc. and  Whitefield in Coos County and Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Easton, Franconia, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Livermore, Lyman, Monroe, Sugar Hill, Thornton and Woodstock in Grafton County.

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