David Schoneman for Hillsborough 30 (Nashua Ward 3)

David Schoneman, a Families First Pledge signer and hopeful freshman legislator, is running for one of three seats representing Hillsborough 30 (Nashua Ward 3) along with Doris Hohensee, another newcomer.

“New Hampshire’s citizens have not lost their love for conservative principles, including the unassailable rights of free speech, free practice of religion and the right to bear arms, and with these principles we remain a beacon of freedom to the rest of the nation,” Schoneman writes on his Web page. “ We must preserve these rights for future generations, for the good of our people, our state and our country.”

Upon election, Schoneman’s number one focus would be developing a more favorable regulatory environment for economic growth and new jobs, he writes. The current tax environment in New Hampshire is beneficial to the economy, but it could always be improved to attract new businesses, he writes. Another way to help create the right environment for job growth is to pass a Right to Work law, he writes.

“I believe that a person’s right to pursue the job of his or her choice is unalienable and established in the founding documents,” Schoneman writes on his Web page. “I firmly believe in workers’ right to organize, but I also believe that an individual worker has the right not to be forced to join an organization or jump any other hurdle just to get a job for which he or she is qualified.”

Besides a focus on economic growth and job development is his commitment to education and common sense energy policy. He writes that parents should have the right to choose the schools their children attend to ensure they get the best education they can, which will better prepare them for the workforce or their own entrepreneurial efforts. Additionally, Schoneman says that he wants to repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which is ostensibly a new tax on everyone who buys electricity and a barrier to economic growth. Repealing RGGI will ensure everyone pays lower prices for electricity and leave private industry to find the best technologies for producing energy in the future, he writes.

In his personal life, Schoneman currently works for General Atomics as an instructor pilot in America’s drone program. Before that, he has worked in the health insurance industry and the health reinsurance industry. He has degrees in Business and Economics from Lehigh University and Business Administration from Boston University. He belongs to Grace Fellowship church in Nashua and the Nashua Fish and Game Association. He built his own airplane at the Nashua airport in 2006 and teaches flying, as time permits.

For more information on David Schoneman, visit nhthinks.com.