Chuck Thibault for Hillsborough 42 (Manchester Wards 1-3)

Chuck Thibault, a hopeful freshman legislator and Families First Pledge signer, is running for one of two available seats representing Hillsborough 42 (Manchester Wards 1-3), where he could use your help in his election efforts.

In running for a seat in the Legislature, Thibault said he takes with him his understanding of how a powerful few have always tried to control and enslave the weak, but our state and country were founded to stop this historical trend some 250 years ago. Foundational to his worldview are the principles that all men and women are created equal and endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, he said.

“Our government has a moral obligation to us and our children to be frugal with our tax money while being dedicated to preserving our freedom,” Thibault said. “Government should not create winners and losers due to its policies but rather institute only those laws and regulations that produce an environment of equal opportunity for all.”

Thibault said he sees a “growing ideological conflict” between those who want government to grow in size and scope and take care of their every need and those who believe as he does. He has watched legislators introduce hundreds of new laws, which lead to thousands of new rules and regulations that operate with the understanding that citizens are not smart enough to make their own decisions—an understanding he rejects, he said.

Upon election, Thibault said he would look at every proposed new rule and regulation through the lens of individual liberty and serve as a roadblock to big, intrusive and more costly government. He said he would vote against any bill that uses vague terms, grants more rule making authority to state agencies, hasn’t been properly vetted or violates the constitution. Additionally, he said he would work on a bill to require any rules that are written or rewritten by an executive department to be approved by the whole Legislature before they could take effect. He would propose resolutions to urge the federal government to do the same, he said.