Reps. Notter and Peterson of Merrimack (Hillsborough 21)

As part of our effort to elect influential and effective conservatives to advance the traditional values articulated in our Families First Pledge, Cornerstone will be featuring top-performing incumbent candidates each Friday and encouraging you to help them out in their reelection bids from now until we all head to the polls.

We start our Candidate Corner series with a look at two of our best performers for the 2011-2012 Legislative session. Jeanine Notter and Lenette Peterson are running for reelection in Merrimack, where they both face a primary with 10 Republicans vying for eight seats. They are the clear Cornerstone favorites in the district and we urge you to support their candidacies today.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some other decent candidates from Merrimack running for reelection, but as far as Cornerstone’s agenda goes, Peterson and Notter are right there with us on all the issues. During the last two years, Notter voted with Cornerstone’s agenda 97 percent of the time and Peterson was with us 100 percent of the time. Both incumbents intend to return to Concord with more knowledge about the process and a renewed sense of urgency to advance a pro-life, pro-family and pro-economic growth agenda that will ensure the natural rights of New Hampshire families and widespread prosperity.

Most notably this past session, Notter sponsored and Peterson co-sponsored a Woman’s Right to Know Act (HB 1659), which required physicians, at least 24 hours before a planned abortion, to provide a woman considering the procedure with medically accurate information about her child and the abortion method that would be used as well as the long-term risks of having an abortion and alternatives to having an abortion, among other pertinent information points that would help save innocent children’s lives. While this pro-life bill was watered down in the House and eventually killed in the Senate, Notter says she plans to sponsor it again in the coming session with a better understanding of what will pass, and she expects Peterson will co-sponsor the bill with her.

Additionally, both Notter and Peterson co-sponsored HCR 31, a successful legislative resolution that commended the work of pregnancy care centers in New Hampshire and across the United States. These centers provide women with alternatives to abortion and promote the well-being of women, men, and babies, both born and unborn.

Besides her plan to resurrect the Women’s Right to Know Act and other pro-life efforts, Notter plans to contribute to the repeal of gay “marriage,” to improve private-sector job creation and growth in the economy, to continue to reduce business regulations and to support welfare reform to prevent fraud and abuse.

In the last session, Peterson co-sponsored a bill (HB 1297) to stop Obamacare in New Hampshire. The new law prohibits state officials from creating state programs to help the federal government implement the law here. Going forward, Peterson will be focused on passing another balanced budget that reduces taxes and fees, passing a Right to Work bill and advancing other bills that support family values, such as the Women’s Right to Know Act.