Rep. Todd Smith for Merrimack 24 (Hooksett)

Rep. Todd Smith (Cornerstone Score 100 percent) is the clear favorite of six candidates vying for four seats in Merrimack 24 (Hooksett).

Rep. Smith has been focused on family values since the day he stepped foot in the N.H. House, and he is clearly the best candidate running in Merrimack 24 (Hooksett). In fact, Rep. Smith is one of Cornerstone’s heroes of the family for his perfect Cornerstone scorecard score, and he voted in favor of parental rights and life every chance he got.

Even more notable, however, Rep. Smith co-sponsored HB 437, which would have restored traditional marriages in New Hampshire by repealing the current homosexual “marriage” law. Unfortunately, the Legislature didn’t restore the traditional definition of marriage in the outgoing session, but Rep. Smith will certainly support such a bill when it comes up again in the next session, he said.

Additionally, Rep. Smith co-sponsored SB 30, which ensures that separated parents with joint decision-making authority can keep tabs on each other, so long as the situation is safe for everyone involved. Specifically, the bill requires parents to notify the family courts whenever they change address so that one parent cannot escape the oversight of the other, and vice versa.

Upon reelection, Rep. Smith said he would continue to vote to protect the core fundamental family values that he stood for in the outgoing session. He also said he would continue to push for smaller government and more local control.