Rep. Norman Tregenza for Carroll 7 (Albany, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Freedom, Hale’s Location, Hart’s Location, Jackson, Madison, Tamworth)

Rep. Norman Tregenza (Cornerstone Score: 97 percent) is facing a new, far less conservative candidate in Carroll 7 (Albany, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Freedom, Hale’s Location, Hart’s Location, Jackson, Madison, Tamworth), and he is the clear Cornerstone favorite. Because of his unbendable defense of conservative principles, Rep. Tregenza is the type of representative that Cornerstone longs for, and thankfully, we have an opportunity to support him.

While some folks don’t see value in concurrent resolutions, which express the state’s official position on an issue to our federal government in Washington, Rep. Tregenza knows that the various state legislatures are designed to be checks on federal government power and that concurrent resolutions are one official way for the states to call on the federal government to act. Thus, Rep. Tregenza’s successful adoption of HCR 37, a resolution asking the N.H. Congressional Delegation to support Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, is of critical significance. The resolution urges the Congress and the legislative delegation from New Hampshire to “protect all the citizens of this nation from potential, unprecedented losses in the value of take-home pay, retirement income, insurance policies, and investments as a result of the Federal Reserve’s ongoing inflation of our unbacked paper money by supporting any legislation requiring a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.” Clearly, New Hampshire families rely on a strong dollar to maintain their quality of life and help others. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill will hopefully uncover the secrets behind the dollar’s declining value and put an end to it.

Appropriately, Rep. Tregenza said he would like to serve on the State, Federal and Veterans Affairs Committee upon reelection to the House. This is the committee that reviews most of the resolutions, formal statements from the Legislature, which are forwarded on to our U.S. Congress. Rep. Tregenza said he would also introduce another Audit the Fed resolution, since the bill has not yet passed in Washington. He would also pursue resolutions to ask the federal government to stop paying the dues of 47 other countries in the United Nations. With the dollar’s value declining and our economy stagnant, we must cut expenses somewhere, and Rep. Tregenza thinks this type of foreign aid would be one place, he said.

For New Hampshire, Rep. Tregenza said he wants to reduce the rooms and meals tax to attract more people to the state for skiing, camping, conferences or other purposes. He said he would tie the reduction in with a marketing campaign to brand New Hampshire as the most tourist friendly, low-tax state in the country. Rep. Tregenza also said he would also focus on a constitutional amendment to restore biennial sessions, which would tie future Legislature’s hands from passing more frivolous laws by limiting the time they serve and forcing them to take more time to study bills before they become law.

Perhaps biennial sessions would have prevented gay “marriage”?