Rep. Kevin Reichard of Derry (Rockingham 6)

Rep. Kevin Reichard of Derry (Rockingham 6) said he was proudest of his contributions to the new law requiring parents to be notified when their child wants to have an abortion as well as the law that banned partial-birth abortions at the state level. He was also excited that the Legislature passed a voter ID bill, particularly after Project Veritas identified a real problem with voter fraud in New Hampshire, he said.

The first-term incumbent faces a tough primary in moderate Derry, where 11 Republicans are vying for 10 seats in the House. If re-elected, Rep. Reichard said he would focus on preventing welfare fraud and the abuse of EBT cards by limiting their use to the purchase of certain items. He also noted that many adults are still living with their parents while collecting welfare—a practice that must end. The state should also require people receiving welfare payments to spend most of their time trying to find a new job, he said.

In other efforts to improve the fiscal stability and efficiency of the state, Rep. Reichard said he would focus on reducing business taxes to make the state more competitive, make changes to corporate law to attract larger companies and support merit-based pay for all public-sector union employees.

On social issues, Rep. Reichard said he would support bills that recognize the potential viability of a fetus at conception and the right of religious conscience for businesses.