Rep. John Burt of Goffstown (Hillsborough 6)

Rep. John Burt, who voted with Cornerstone 97 percent of the time, is facing a primary in Goffstown (Hillsborough 6), where eight candidates are vying for five seats. Rep. Burt, who proved to be a formidable supporter of conservative values on the Municipal and County Government Committee,said he wanted to work on ethics reform in the coming session. Despite New Hampshire having a citizen legislature, far too many representatives and senators have conflicts of interest that they don’t disclose and then vote on the issues anyway, which is something he thinks should change, Rep. Burt said. On the flip side, Rep. Burt, who organized a “Hot Dog Day” charity benefit for the New Hampshire Foundation for Companion Animal Care on the State House lawn, said he was not allowed to raise money for the benefit as a state representative because it would violate ethics rules, and he had to recruit a third-party to raise the money for the event. This is something he thinks should change, too, he said.

During the current session, Burt passed HB 582, which allows employers to communicate directly with employees who are members of a union to make sure that accurate information is delivered directly to the people who will be voting on new union contracts. Previously, state employers could only communicate with employees through their union. Burt was also excited about his role in the budget cut as well as the elimination of the $30 license plate registration fee and the camping tax. He said he hoped to shave $400 million to $600 million more off the budget in the next biennium toensure major tax cuts. He also proposed phasing out the state Department of Education to encourage local control of schools.

Rep. Burt added that he would continue to work to repeal gay “marriage” in the next biennium, and fight for the right to life.