Rep. Guy Comtois of Barnstead (Belknap 7)

Rep. Guy Comtois faces a difficult primary in Barnstead (Belknap 7) against one of the most pernicious anti-life and anti-family Republicans in the House.

Unlike his primary opponent in Barnstead, Comtois stood with Cornerstone on the Women’s Right to Know bill, which was designed to educate women on the risks of abortion. The bill would have required doctors to explain to women, at least 24 hours before their scheduled abortions, what their unborn children are like and the method that would be used to end their lives. Comtois also stood with Cornerstone to protect business owners’ religious rights of conscience, to prevent expanded gambling, to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of gestation, and to add fetal homicide to New Hampshire law. His opponent in Barnstead voted against Cornerstone on all these efforts. Help Comtois win!

As a farm owner, homeschooling father of two children, and member of the House Environment and Agriculture Committee, Comtois has been a leader for the right of families to operate small farming operations without having to pay for expensive licenses designed for large commercial farms. Small, local farms are educational for families who want to understand how food is produced and essential for maintaining a basic level of homegrown food, which is good for the New Hampshire economy as well as the state’s security and independence, Comtois said.

Comtois’s priority bill, HB 1402, created a homestead kitchen license to allow small family farms to produce up to $10,000 worth of agricultural goods per year without having to meet the same costly standards as large commercial farms. The bill also allowed farms to yield up to 20 gallons of raw milk and use that milk to produce cheese, butter, yogurt, cream or kefir. Comtois said the bill was a great start that expanded economic opportunities for small family farms, though he hopes to be able to expand the bill upon reelection. One enhancement, he said, would be to raise the $10,000 limit on production to $25,000 or higher to help create a sustainable local farming industry in New Hampshire.

Besides his focus on family farming, Comtois said he supports all pro-life, pro-family and pro-private education efforts, and he expects to support further efforts next year in these areas. Additionally, Comtois said his mission in Concord is to eliminate restrictions and reduce the costs that families and local businesses have to pay, which will help enable prosperity.