Rep. Gary Daniels of Hillsborough 40 (Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon & New Boston)

As chairman of the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee, Rep. Gary Daniels led the effort to pass Right to Work and similar efforts that would have restored individuals’ right to associate or to not associate with a union when seeking a job. When observing other states with Right to Work laws, it is clear that these states attract and retain more companies with hundreds to thousands of well-paying jobs, Daniels said.

During the session, Right to Work passed through both the House and Senate twice, which is a testament to the good work of Daniels and his committee. Unfortunately, Gov. Lynch vetoed the bill, and there weren’t enough votes to override the governor’s veto. With a change in the corner office, however, Daniels said he expects Right to Work to be signed into law in the next session, and he intends to make that effort one of his priorities.

The Families First Pledge signer who voted with Cornerstone 100 percent of the time said he has been focused on pro-life issues for close to 22 years, and he was excited to see some of them pass into law this past session. Clearly, there is more work to be done in the next session, and he said he would certainly support any efforts to expand this session’s successes.

Daniels is up against one other candidate in Hillsborough 40, a float district that includes the communities of Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon and New Boston. Upon reelection, Daniels said he would accept an offer to serve again as chairman of the labor committee. As chairman of the committee, he said a lot of his focus has been on jobs and the economy as well as keeping a fiscally conservative budget for the state, just like we all do at home. Ensuring prosperity for New Hampshire families will continue to be an important focus in the coming years, he said.