Rep. Dan Tamburello of Rockingham 5 (Londonderry)

During his freshmen term in the House, Rep. Dan Tamburello of Rockingham 5 (Londonderry) helped pass several pro-family bills, and his two-year voting record earned him a spot among Cornerstone’s 30 “Heroes for the Family,” a recognition of his 100 percent scorecard score.

Among the most important efforts, Rep. Tamburello co-sponsored HB 1419, a bill written by Rep. Al Baldasaro that gives military parents a buffer period when they’re deployed before they have to deal with family court issues regarding their parental rights, and SB 166, a bill that makes sure the spouse and children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty receive the medical benefits they had come to rely on. Rep. Tamburello also co-sponsored CACR 13, a measure that will be on the ballot this November, which will amend the constitution to prohibit an income tax in New Hampshire.

Rep. Dan Tamburello is facing nine other candidates in a Londonderry (Rockingham 5) primary for seven seats in the House. If re-elected, Rep. Tamburello plans to make another attempt to reduce the requirement for annual car inspections to inspections once every two years, which he said would save families money. He also plans to pursue more options for educational choice and would support a constitutional amendment to define marriage as an institution only between a man and a woman so voters can settle the issue, he said.

Besides Rep. Tamburello in Londonderry, Cornerstone is supporting Rep. Al Baldasaro with a Cornerstone score of 97.37 percent and Rep. Robert Introne with a Cornerstone score of 96.67 percent.